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Product with action acidifying, regulatory of pH to obtain ideal broths of application for the dissolution of phytosanitary products and fertilizers.

The product contains an indicator that changes the color of the water with the variation of pH. The change of color of the water of the vat allows to the farmer to verify visually and rapidly the acid / basic pH of the water of irrigation, making the use of pH-meter unnecessary.

Advantages of PH-TRUCK\'s use:

- It neutralizes the alkalinity of the water.

- It stabilizes the phytosanitary products and fertilizers increasing their efficiency and persistence.

- It avoids the decomposition of products used in foliar treatments.

- It does not produce residues.

- It contributes macronutrients (NP) to the plants, very favorably for their nutrition in all the epochs of the culture.


ACTION ACIDIFYING: Mixes PH TRUCK with the water in the tank of pulverizing to the dose from 10 to 20 cc/hl according to the pH of the water. To obtain a water to pH acid from 6 to 6,5,  mix with the water before adding the mixture of products to the tank.

It changes the color of the water with the variation of pH: yellow dun color (dose of 10ml/Hl) the range of pH in the one that is is from 5 to 6 and if there takes pink strong color (dose of 20ml/Hl) then the pH of the water is below the value 5.


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